• British Pharmacopoeia Volume III
  • Formulated Preparations: Specific Monographs

Zinc Sulphate Lotion

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General Notices

Zinc Sulphate Lotion is a cutaneous solution. It contains 1% w/v of Zinc Sulphate Heptahydrate in a suitable aqueous vehicle.

The lotion complies with the requirements stated under Liquids for Cutaneous Application and with the following requirements.

Content of zinc sulphate heptahydrate, ZnSO4,7H2O

0.95  to 1.05% w/v.


To 20  ml add 25  ml of 0.1m hydrochloric acid and 0.1  g of activated charcoal, shake, filter and wash the residue with 100  ml of 0.01m hydrochloric acid. To the combined filtrate and washings add 5  ml of ammonia buffer pH 10.9 and titrate with 0.05m disodium edetate VS using mordant black 11  solution as indicator. Repeat the procedure using 20  ml of water in place of the preparation being examined. The difference between the titrations represents the amount of disodium edetate required. Each ml of 0.05m disodium edetate VS is equivalent to 14.38  mg of ZnSO4,7H2O.


The label indicates the pharmaceutical form as 'cutaneous solution'.

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